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The perfect solution for a data-driven enterprise
Self-Service BI

Load and explore your data in minutes. Drag and drop to build a dashboard that lets you visually analyze your data from your web browser.

Intelligent Reports

Create beautiful reports that uncover hidden insights in the unstructured data collected from RightCom apps or any other data source.

Embedded Analytics

Integrate analytic capabilities and content into your business apps, products, websites, or portals. Quickly access strategic insights from your preferred business app.

Improve customer experience with analytics that empower your team
Connect Multiple Data Sources

Import data from spreadsheets, text files, online storage services, relational or NoSQL databases. Schedule data to sync automatically or periodically.

Visually Analyse Your Data

Select from our extensive variety of charts, widgets, pivot tables, and tabular view components to create business reports and dashboards.

Run Deep-Dive Analysis

Apply our pre-built, user-friendly analytical features for in-depth data extraction to support critical business decisions.


Invite your colleagues to view and interact with your dashboard. Grant different access levels from View Only to Editor.

Mobile BI

Easy on-the-go access to your dashboards from your mobile device. All dashboard layouts are optimized for mobile devices.

Automated Email Reports

Build reports that are easy to read in an email thread and automatically send them out at a frequency that suits your business.

Workflows & Automation

Set triggers to receive notifications whenever there is an important change in your data or a report.

Dashboard Templates

Explore our range of ready-to-use curated templates for CX professionals, product managers, customer service agents and more.

API & Integration

Extend the power of RightData with HTTP-based web APIs, from data import and handling to dashboard and report generation.

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