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Content Management

Import your content (images, videos, web pages, social feeds, etc.). Create folders to organize and categorize your content for easy access.

Screen Management

Control how your screens interact with RightPlayer. Group your screens and add tags to easily find them. Track screen activity and reboot remotely.

Schedule Management

Instantly publish screen content or schedule for later display by day, time and more.


Create multiple playlists to display preferred content in a specific rotating order.

Apps & Templates

Select and customize an app or design your own template to create beautiful campaigns. Extend the power of RightPlayer with your favourite apps.


RightPlayer works with your browser or any digital signage device that runs on Android, iOS, Chrome OS, Mac OS, Windows, Linux, or Fire OS.

Online & Offline Mode

Run campaigns with or without the internet. Set screens up for offline mode to store content locally and update it whenever possible.


Our comprehensive dashboard presents an overview of all signage activity, whether you have one screen or multiple screens in multiple locations.

User Management

Do you have team members? Invite them to work on digital signage for better collaboration and assign different roles based on your strategy. RightPlayer is flexible.

Workflows & Automation

Our smart digital signage system triggers the display of specific content on a selected screen based on pre-set rules.

Screen Health

Monitor screen health and status features such as connection, mode, version, and campaign activity. Track every setting from a single view.


Integrate RightPlayer with your business apps to increase the impact of your digital campaigns. Connect RightPlayer with your CRM, HR software, and more.

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